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January 15, 2014 , Shanghai . Metamorphosis , contains a savings of time and space and precipitation , meaning the good things of sublimation and concise , passing out timeless vitality and comfortable calm beauty. Has a 177 year history of the French brand Hermes crafts , to attain to uphold the quality of perseverance and faith , continuing to explore artistic and creative heritage and transformation to the unique ingenuity and a wonderful inspiration, leading to the 2014 spring and summer Trolltech open the door to new products , Juan wrote the new year in question – transformation , creating the legendary Hermes .



A beam of light is focused on the IKAT finish bracelet , Ying wall brilliance. This bracelet from the old country – Vietnam master craftsmen hand , its smooth and delicate mysteries from the exquisite unique polished technique . hermes replica IKAT paint black paint color rendering shine shiny white paint on the underside , people get up and put it down . Miss Ma Jiangge placed side belt , such as horsetail gently swaying light moving along , really interesting. Using natural bridle leather belt , cut lines are interesting multilayer thin strips of uniform shape , just like the layers of the forest shrubs, simple low-key but thick restrained .

Workmanship and delicate as the mountains and all kinds of footwear spring blooming flowers linger in the horse ‘s toe , graceful, lightly dancing : goatskin suede high-heeled sandals , using a belt wrapped around the cross , tentacle soft and smooth , neat and elegant curves , looming sexy unintentionally revealed from among the foot , extend the women’s unique exquisite and soft ; DERBY new mill suede leather shoes, soft light , craftsmen meticulously cut out on the vamp has opened close the gap to allow the skin to show faint in contrast between light and dark shadows, three-dimensional sense. The new season’s men were given a magnificent craftsman bright colors , vibrant high-tech canvas with bright yellow calfskin sneakers , bright and warm colors of the sun as if filled Xiamai fields . The new sneaker style simple dynamic, with technology canvas, sleek leather upper , soft rubber sole , so as to fulfill Qingyun who try . The men wear suede “DERBY” continuation of the soft shoe serrated rubber sole design , the simple three-color stitching blooming mill velvet uppers , elegant people focused on the details .

Visit Gucci museum collections and heritage Tasting Art

Milan, Italy local time on February 20 , Chinese fashion curator Li Hui by Gucci Milan Fashion Week Winter 2014 invited the opportunity to see the show , after the show visited is located in Florence ‘s Piazza Signoria Gucci museum.

Invited during the Milan Fashion Week , Li Hui will focus attention more on fashion history and heritage of craft production and absorption . In addition to firmly grasp the fashion trend , but Li Hui valued more exchange and collision favorite dress culture , classical and popular complementary . Meanwhile, Li Hui from the Fashion Week in Milan suffered a high standard courtesy is not difficult to see that , for the Chinese girl Li Hui in the field of fashion as the recognition and appreciation of the international fashion industry .
Gucci Museum is located in the ancient della Mercanzia palace , dating back to 1337 , is still a symbol of Florentine art and craftsmanship . Precious family apparel collection, luxury gucci replica  jewelry , objects, documents and photographs in the collection is here in full careful preservation , becoming the Gucci brand creative heritage and cultural impact of physical verification . The same day, Li Hui dressed in tailored , low-key luxury Gucci suit with its iconic red wine with long straight hair , walking among the full time museum traces the artistic charm , the distance to experience this with more than 90 years a long history of famous brand’s classic collections and virtuosity . Heritage and creative and deeply felt the beauty of traditional Italian costumes .
Located in Florence, Italy Gucci Museo Gucci collection carefully not only the land of historic treasures and modern art products , but also a literary base. Cooperation to build the museum bookstore attached by the brand and Rizzoli publishing house , where you will see Gucci highly recommended more than 5,000 works of this excellent book , including art , fashion, photography, film , architecture , as well as fiction, bestsellers , classics and children’s books and many other categories .
Also sold in the bookstore array of special gifts , iPhone and iPad cases , scented candles , bookmarks, shopping bags and other specialty items are identified with Gucci Museo elsewhere see absolutely tourist souvenir good choice . Bookstore is open seven days a week , the time is 10:00 to 23:00 , if you go to Italy BaoYou travel , specialty bookstore Gucci Museo wish to go inside to look around .

Bar basket par Hermes

In 2012, Yang Hao carrying a basket to participate in a car show events , sharp styling suddenly spike the audience , and instantly became the focus of audience , causing no small stir. It is said that Yang ‘s basket is the mother of field work tool , because I like coming.

Some people put Hermes hermes replica brought out a basket of feeling. Some people brought out of the basket Hermes feeling. The real gas field, is carry a basket to go to Ferrari’s activities , no makeup does not throw Zhuangnen chest , calmly all the big spike . Yang Liping . Shanghai SMG moderator, director Kelsang in his Weibo Yang on such review , which amount microblogging forward nearly two thousand .
Yang basket can carry for their own scene photos spike all users have not been informed , told a media interview, Yang said , I really was unintentional , directly carrying this went, I think to take things very easy ah , installed What a glance, much more convenient than put a package.

yang 140226104918

Yang carry basket photo by netizens on Weibo was crazy pass forwards , netizens have amazed after watching the 1958 -born goddess peacock powerful aura and beauty tricks . More recently she and her friends will be at the Paris Fashion Week actress who made ​​a comparison of the performance , by contrast , it is inevitable sigh.
I mention this basket started last year , when I saw my mother in the ground filled with it come off the dish , very much, have a taste , I asked her for an instant to mention are more than a year , did not think there is anything wrong , is not very comfortable to look good ?
Fashion circles always unpredictable , unexpected bamboo basket basket also ushered in its spring . Want hot pursuit of fashion ? Look through what my mother ‘s closet , right , chances are there inside the trend next season .

2014 braccialini Spring & Summer a romantic theme

2014 braccialini Spring & Summer will be a re- naming of the new romantic start to the season . The whole family around the elegant new season as the main creative elements , each handbag are revealed Love & Apennine peninsula want . With a unique and creative style popular in the world of the Italian brand braccialini, always adhere to its unique brand personality , the Italian craftsmanship and Italian art of the perfect gucci replica  fusion of scenery takes you into a fascinating journey to explore Italy , restore the most authentic Italian type of human feelings .

braccialini 10490_africa
Removing color and innovation , the version is also braccialini a spectacle. This season the brand has consistently uphold the perfect version of the classic type , and to be perfect on this basis . Minimalist design handbag models , highlighting the style and generous. Wallet design, the lovely full of playful , bags intellectual poise, coordination and cooperation with each other. All individual outer bag design , not just practical, more bags increased sense of layering and the plane , its internal space is also clever as people hold impeccable : enough space design, hidden metal zipper, many on together with details of the pursuit of perfection to create a simple but not simple bag.
braccialini season products will be handled cleanly tone , all the colors are bright and vivid , reflecting the simplicity in exquisite detail . Meanwhile, the brand continued to follow the same style multicolor design, in order to provide as diverse as lovers prefer choice. About romance , let us recall together with braccialini : Do you remember the famous 1950s movie Roman Holiday as a representative of the Temi series three motorcycle models , as a tribute to this classic , to offer the most authentic interpretation ? ingenious innovative design : Hang with flowers embracing personally felt like a baptism of Italy through the years and cathartic elegant and romantic , artistically stylized fashion , but it is something more to say . As the brand to show that it is not just a wallet or handbag , but an attitude and a symbol , one that can break through the traditional , stunning and pass on the legendary freedom around the world .



We will never forget the era of Louis Vuitton ‘s Marc Jacobs

2013 ‘s a lot of abominable appearance circles , is that Marc Jacobs abrogation LV news, as the blind alarm for the Louis Vuitton 2014 bounce and summer appearance appearance alternation , the archetypal brazier bag with Noe as a ancestor , abacus rivets, feathers, crystals and even alligator and added affluence elements , called NN14, not alone affluence handbags are acutely ample star-studded commercial even by today’s hottest columnist Steven Meisel Zhang Jing , Karl Templer as a stylist , Guido Palau as a hairstylist. Acclaimed French extra Catherine Deneuve, Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen and Chinese extra Fan Bingbing and added big names play archetypal . Whole tracts of atramentous as the capital colors , acknowledge a blow of sadness, but all acceptable things arise to an end, anyhow , are accommodating to Ma Ying-jeou afterwards abrogation LV, can accept a added ablaze 16 years.

MarcJacobs as LV louis vuitton replica  artist clothes elegant, simple , but in its own cast – Marc Jacobs architecture central , MarcJacobs afresh injected himself added Grungefashion architecture philosophy. MarcJacobs adolescence abandoned bohemian attitude accumulation , adolescence club in New York’s acclaimed Studio54 day , new adventurous allure with the British arena , or admired VivienneWestwood alienated appearance attitude , etc. accept been activated to his own accouterment band .

Louis Vuitton140224105913

Marc Jacobs, LV back 1997 has served as architecture administrator back , Marc Jacobs will own altered cultural ancestry of New York amoral caked into this canteen of French best , avant-garde appearance combines archetypal LV attitude and gradually entered their own architecture the aureate age of his career .

On the Paris Appearance Anniversary Bounce 2014 LV big appearance , Marc Jacobs dress arena one blind alarm , austere but aswell with a adumbration of sadness, Louis Vuitton ‘s Marc Jacobs appear that the era of the past.

I wish to do, and you wish me to do, I can do it ! Maybe I never become LV, but I accept a Marc Jacobs. So he larboard the appointment for 16 years LV, re- focus on their namesake artist brands .

Marc Jacobs Disconnect the role in the cine called Harvey, in his own words, this role a little dirty. Movie, he provided apartment and money for amateur , advocate them use the Internet to appoint in animal casework . Marc said , Harvey is not a pimp , do not advertise drugs. He adopted devious amateur , but his behavior absolutely bedraggled .

Dior2014 spring new Miss Dior handbag commercials exposure

Jennifer Lawrence connected to serve as agent for Miss Dior handbags , Zhang Jing by columnist Patrick Demarchelier ‘s 2014 bounce and summer commercials academic acknowledgment . Common accessible appearances dressed in Dior apparel occasions Jennifer Lawrence, emerged in commercial the blur a bit added developed above the age of complete adorableness , a few atramentous and white portraits are aswell advantageous aggregate agreeableness !

Jennifer Lawrence chanel replica , built-in August 15, 1990 , the Hollywood actor. With Burning Plain 2008 Venice Blur Anniversary for Best New Artist Award. 2010 With Winter’s Bone was nominated for an Oscar for best extra ,2011- 2012 , starred in the cine X -Men: Aboriginal Class , The Hunger Games . 2012 cine starring beatitude band abaft the clouds to get the 85th Academy Award for Best Extra .

2013 , Lawrence’s two new works Hunger Games 2: Xinghuoliaoyuan American scam, betray assets in the United States in 2014 with the 71st Aureate Globe for Best Supporting Extra .

2004 14 -year-old Jennifer Lawrence argue abounding parents took her adventitious and active a allowance close in New York .

Jennifer Lawrence140224103253

In 2012, Lawrence starred in his aboriginal acclimatized from the American biographer Susan Collins atypical The Hunger Games leash alternation of movies, the blur arise afterwards three canicule at the box appointment $ 155 amateur , exhausted Alice in Wonderland , Hollywood bounce weekend in blur history book accomplished grossing cine premiere , Lawrence blur to blur won the MTV Cine Award – best Extra .

In 2013 , she won the aboriginal Silver Linings Playbook with 85 Oscar Best Extra and Best Extra Aureate Globe Award and added awards .

1960s modern girl Gucci 2014 autumn and winter fashion week in Milan

Gucci ‘s actualization division accessory aback to the 1960s to 1960s, Marianne Faithfull and extra Britt Ekland archetypal accessory for inspiration, to actualize a awakening abstract eye architecture . Blubbery atramentous eyeliner, Bambi -like apocryphal eyelashes , which are iconic architecture sixties .

Gucci ‘s actualization division accessory aback to the 1960s to 1960s, Marianne Faithfull and extra Britt Ekland archetypal accessory for inspiration, to actualize a awakening abstract eye architecture . Blubbery atramentous eyeliner, Bambi -like apocryphal eyelashes , which are iconic architecture sixties . Taupe eye adumbration to accent the alternate contours ; eyeliner atramentous eyeliner allotment will be alloyed with a aqueous eyeliner , architecture will be added accustomed , eyeliner do not fly out , mainly to enlarge the eye, afresh put aflush biscuit eyeliner Department . Assuredly stick on the top and lower eyelashes, eye architecture to complete the 1960s .

Afterwards a able accessory to actualize a retro-stylegucci outlet articles , a altered estimation of this actualization handmade quality, strengthen a new abandoned touch. This new haversack through the abrasion action combines avant-garde able masters craftsmen skills, so that ceremony artefact can display altered conscientious actualization . Haversack can be customized by the aureate cast to accomplish your admired accessories become a around-the-clock adored heirlooms .


The chief from Italy to advance the all-around actualization covering appurtenances abundance cool cast , the drive has plummeted from ancestors disputes to the about-face of Tom Ford took over afterwards the acceleration , Gucci from the billow to the bottom, afresh the adventure from the basal to the billow is, indeed, a fable .

From its birth in 1921 , Gucci has been demography the aloof line, actualization affluence and hardly boxy masculinity. 1947 Gucci bamboo handle bamboo bag arise out, afresh , with the cast of the architect of the archetypal double- G logo, lined with red and blooming ribbons canvas bag and accompanying covering articles acquire gradually arise out. Gucci and LV angry , the world’s a lot of frequently affected goods. Moccasin appellation ring with horse shoes , advised for the Adroitness Kelly Flower Scarf, again received, acid Gucci has represented a attribute of amusing cachet and .

Textile Accessories Kvadrat / Raf Simons

Raf Simons Dior creative director of women to join the leadership of world-renowned Danish textile brand Kvadrat, on February 13 in London, officially released the first joint of both textiles and accessories Kvadrat / Raf Simons! This is also a fashion designer Raf Simons as the first launch of textiles and home accessories.
In fact, before Kvadrat / Raf Simons series officially released, we have witnessed in advance , held in Paris men’s week in January this year – Raf Simons to be applied to the individual Winter 2014 men’s brand new series . The entire series of the most impressive design elements : the men’s jackets and sweaters collage strip of textile fabrics  hermes replica , it is from Kvadrat / Raf Simons!
Before entering the fashion industry Raf Simons studied industrial design , he has long been interested in furniture and interior decoration. Kvadrat attention to the close relationship between Raf Simons and architecture and furniture design field , he was appointed creative director of Kvadrat , a continuation of the designer Fanny Aronsen left home textiles and accessories product lines. Kvadrat / Raf Simons first series includes cushions , blankets and soft wear fabrics , flagship high-end home design market .
As avid collectors of art and design , Raf Simons developed a natural evolution of the textile feeling . In the first product , Raf Simons did not choose commonly used in contemporary interior plain weave fabric , but to use the rich texture and careful design brings a new feel for the texture and sculptural decoration , continued his aesthetic foundation in fashion design.

However , Raf Simons for Kvadrat series centered on the idea of ​​all in the home , designer furniture sector also very excited to be able to make a personal contribution for the first time . We manufacture fabrics like a blank canvas designer , Raf Simons says , this canvas will await furniture designer creative freedom – and we will not interfere with how they use textile design, so we ‘ll try to make it more open ; the fabric should be versatile .
Kvadrat / Raf Simons final series of the material also reflects the commitment to quality and Kvadrat Raf Simons refined elegance. These materials contain legitimate purchases Cape mohair , cashmere, merino wool and baby alpaca .