Ultra-era aesthetic and independent personality, Chanel fine jewelry

Secular women often think of jewelry from natural materials worship love , to some extent. For them , however , that the combination of natural beauty and craft jewelry , meaning far beyond the decorative value or wealth . They are the real romance crystallization souvenirs talent , personality and even the expression of the Declaration .
Chanel chanel replica costume jewelry first breakthrough will chase people rush into a hot product , and in the opposite direction to the luxury of diamonds and platinum ribbons made ​​of expensive fine jewelry .
Expensive props style shapers
In the eyes of some style shapers , and jewelry -like price alphanumeric day is set aside , leaving only a symbol of sheer beauty , they became the highlight fashion taste gorgeous props. As the year is not genuine Chanel jewelry are equal measure , revolutionized the clusters of faux pearl necklace hanging on his chest , contributed to the generally popular costume jewelry , beauty is the only value they sought .
In Europe, on the occasion of the Great Depression , made ​​a star of Chanel costume jewelry but subversive held the first exhibition of fine jewelry , diamonds treasures all inlaid with platinum to form a comet , camellia and other works handed down . Where a ribbon necklace , it is an expensive material used to interpret the daily life of the common items ribbons . I want my jewelry light fitting , like wound on the woman Xianzhi ribbon . Chanel explained. From which we can see her jewelry casual relaxed attitude.
Another Chanel fashion around the same time the founder of Daisy • Farrow (Daisy Fellowes) also has a super- era aesthetic and independent personality. The society ‘s darling , talented writers in addition to writing poetry and fiction , or “Harper’s Bazaar” fashion editor in France . She distinguished lineage , his father was chief minister of Louis XVIII of France ‘s descendants , his mother was the daughter of sewing machine predators , and her second husband, Reginald • Irvine • Farrow is the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill ‘s relatives . Inherently superior environment gave birth to her good taste, bold , self- personality is given her unique charm. In 1927, the “Vogue” magazine about a new hairstyle woman in Paris to record a picture of the moment she first caught attention of the fashion world : the famous hair stylist to create after the forehead and ears are covered with short curly hair , long sequined suit set out in the classic coat. In the cotton fabric is limited to the date of installation of the era, as she happens to be in the evening , every woman in the hat contests on race days , she will not wear any hat appears in floral dress YongCu the afternoon meeting, she appeared dressed in leopard pajamas .
For jewelry, she also has his own insistence – in pairs. She has said , why let your arms and hands felt on both sides of the imbalance it? Her dress was simple styling coupled with wild emerald bracelet , red, green tone Indian style jewelry. There are even records show , when she wore a swimsuit must also be decorated with ornate jewelry, the self insisted she always unique. Tips and fruit style necklace created by the Cartier replica watches  is the most representative of her aesthetic expression. This necklace was created in 1936 , inspired by the brand as an Indian princes custom design. Worth pondering is blue in the Indian tradition is regarded as ominous color , Faroe has broken previous practices, which will be the integration . Beyond her age, Chen aesthetic vulgar fear , in this Cartier iconic works have been handed down interpretation vividly , but also led to the popularity of exotic style jewelry .

Kristen Stewart,the latest spokesperson Chanel.

It was previously touted fashion Stewart also appeared in Balenciaga ‘s Florabotanica perfume ad. Chanel chanel replica ad used the actress also includes Blake Lively, Keira Knightley and Diane Kruger.


Chanel Karl Lagerfeld handpicked latest spokesperson Kristen Stewart in both film and television industry or the fashion industry is a dark horse . Acting is not optimistic about her, but then kept the film , the actress became one of Hollywood’s highest paycheck ; her raunchy image is approved , but to get the favor of the major brands , first Balenciaga now more Chanel. Kristen Stewart is unique in its style, elegance and decadence coexist. Her iconic messy hair and “not so clean ” clothes make her slightly decadent and uninhibited, and she took the classical beauty of facial features and highlights the exquisite taste sometimes lie her elegance.

” Twilight ” extra Kristen Stewart has just become the latest agent of Chanel . Chanel artistic administrator Karl Lagerfeld has taken its handle ” Paris – Dallas ” 2013 Advanced Hand Workshop series, a ample commercial and will be accessible in May 2014 .

The extra abounding the Chanel appearance appearance High Hand Workshop Alternation , captivated in Dallas . She sat in the foreground row cutting an orange high-waisted covering pants bounce and summer accouterment band from Chanel2014 mix anorak . She met with Karl Lagerfeld for the aboriginal time can be traced aback to 2012 , was dressed in Chanel haute couture , she is getting Lagerfeld shooting.

In other endorsements aspects , Kristen celine outlet continues to Balenciaga Florabotanica perfume endorsements and filming a new ad blockbusters. She also became the Balenciaga launched another fragrance Rosabotanica spokesman.

Kristen Stewart, the new generation of American popular actress . Kristen ‘s acting career began eight years old , in 1999 in the movie “Little handsome fish” in a brief appearance , in 2002 , starring David Fincher ‘s ” Panic Room ” with Jodie Foster has wonderful scenes , from budding in the film . In 2004, “Home Mission” for the first time as the main character , and then starred in several independent feature films . 2007 by virtue of the ” wilderness survival” in the performance won widespread concern in the industry , and won several awards and nominations. After 2008 with ” Twilight ” series of films became popular worldwide , becoming one of the most popular young actresses in Hollywood and worth, and for four consecutive years aboard the “Forbes” list of celebrities . In 2012, she was with ” Snow White and the Hunter ,” ” On the Road” and ” Twilight ” climb the career peak , becoming the “Forbes” Top Hollywood actor best ROI first and Hollywood actress income standings champion.

Kristen dior outlet was born in Los Angeles in 1990 and since then has lived in Colorado for some time , the stage manager and television producer who her father was working for FOX TV . Her mother , Zhu Liz Mann Stewart , originally from Australia, one in Queensland , Maroochydore script supervisor , but also a screenwriter . She has an older brother , Cameron Stewart . Kristen in school to grade 7 , and then taught by a private teacher and all the excellent achievements completed high school . First in 1999 , only 9 years old Kristen had a brief appearance in the TV movie “Little handsome fish” , after which in 2000 independent film ” fetishism justified ” in only 10 years old, she played a single mother to Patricia Clarkson provoked a lot of trouble tomboy .

Around the big brand bag series


Givenchy collage coffee color leather handbag

Brand : Givenchy

Category : Hand Bag celine outlet

Description : This Givenchy handbag coffee color , with senior leather as raw material, contrast color stitching leather , exquisite workmanship, style simple and elegant , the front has a product Brand logo, and comes with a single shoulder strap , connected by delicate metal buckles . The same paragraph with black leather handbag collage .

Givenchy black leopard leather handbag

Brand : Givenchy

Category : Hand Bag

Description : Black Leopard leather handbags, special leopard texture processing to bring out a different kind of mysterious sexy. The handle and shoulder strap is black leather , can carry to the back.

The design is very practical. Bao Shen simple design , content volume. Bag mouth the words Givenchy brand.

Givenchy Givenchy 2013 autumn and winter series of small cow leather bag

Brand : Givenchy

Category : Hand Bag

Product description : Givenchy Givenchy 2013 autumn and winter series of small cow leather bag, comfortable suede design , exquisite combination of dark shiny gold metal clasp, elegant Fashion .

Givenchy Givenchy 2013 autumn and winter series of dark brown stitching shopping bag

Brand : Givenchy

Category : Hand Bag dior outlet

Product description : Givenchy Givenchy 2013 autumn and winter series of dark brown stitching shopping bags, small brown and black leather jungle wind smooth leather LUCREZIA Shopping Bag, shades of color feel comfortable ingenious the visual balance . The material also allows the use of leather package shall become noble, charming.

DKNY2013 Winter Series Messenger Bag Black


Category : Messenger and Messenger Bags

Product description : DKNY2013 Winter Series black messenger bag , youthful vitality , packet body design, pairing a simple black shoulder , young and energetic . Cabinet Shape , just enough to place the essential personal items , without increasing the burden of changing the past and Bao Shen same boring material , suitable for travel date.

Hermès Hermes 2014 spring and summer with SOMBRERO disseminated TOILE H canvas messenger bag calfskin ALLERETOUR MESSENGER 34

Brand : Hermès

Category : Messenger and Messenger Bags

Description : Hermès Hermes 2014 spring and summer dip TOILE H canvas with calfskin ALLERETOUR MESSENGER 34 SOMBRERO messenger bag , this men’s Messenger bags produced using monolithic toile H canvas with leather fringe reinforcement. Soft, lightweight , either shoulder or diagonal , all the way back will be able to wear With the perfect body to adapt . Beneath the flip is closed original mechanism , large interior space , as well as multiple inside the bag, to meet the daily needs.

Hermès calfskin BARDA 35 pack

Brand : Hermès

Category : Messenger and Messenger Bags

Description : Hermès calfskin BARDA 35 pack , brown bag body , silver accessories. Corrugated closure, inside zipper pocket and sandwich , red, brown long strap, Adjustable length .

DKNY Black Clutch


Category : Clutch

Product Description : DKNY black clutch, striped leather clutch, exquisite luxurious black leather , noble grade, clean and temperament, minimalist design , Atmospheric fashion , durable, convenient and practical hand . Elegant and stylish , smooth lines , flawless craftsmanship, design richer women make 10 Sophie Mei .

Chanel Chanel shoulder bag in black and white preparation

Brand : Chanel chanel replica

Category : Shoulder Bag

Product Description : Chanel Chanel shoulder bag in black and white preparation , soft leather , classic black and white fine establishment, feel good, classic elegance , fashion personality , Match with gold metal logo , cool personality.

Chanel black lambskin Chanel flap bag

Brand : Chanel

Category : Shoulder Bag

Product Description : Chanel Chanel black lambskin flap bag . The classic rectangular style, making exquisite workmanship , elegant atmosphere black lambskin , with a pass Traditional lozenge , and printed double- C logo, Chanel has always maintained a luxurious and elegant style .

Chanel Chanel Black Quilted chain bag

Brand : Chanel

Category : Shoulder Bag Product Description : Chanel Chanel Black Quilted chain bag, soft black leather , feel good , stylish Quilted design, classic elegance , fashion personality , Match with a golden metal chain , handsome personality.

Fendi Bag Bug Funny black hand bag

Brand : Fendi

Category : Hand Bag  fendi outlet

Description : Fendi Bag Bug Funny black hand bag , colorful vivid expressions and sharp eyes . This cool flash stores the same exclusive Sell ??the latest handbag from Fendi 2Jour series Petit 2Jour.

DKNY2013 Winter Series black hand bag


Category : Hand Bag

Product description : DKNY2013 Winter Series black hand bag , elegant shiny black leather soft and luxurious , full of white-collar atmosphere bag body design , match the same color gold Is a buckle embellishment , hand diagonal dual-use , convenient fashion . Highlights the delicate men .

Flair handbag of 2013 fashion circles,ten coquettish handbag shook the fashion circle.

2013dior outlet fashion circles and what flair handbag surfaced it? If you are still addicted to the hands of the “killer package”, “shell pack”, the old flowers, tiger …… it is really OUT, 2013 has ten coquettish handbag shook the fashion circle, set off a frenzy Saobao.
Chanel - Runway - PFW F/W 2013

The Bling Ring Party Hosted By Louis Vuitton - Photocall- The 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival





Street beat steal the spotlight, whether or Awards red carpet, or daily street, also attended the event, or those Saobao think you can match the overall shape of icing on the cake. Wisdom literature books evening bag; fashion magazines fun handbag; Chanel box mini bag; Alexander Mcqueen “De-Manta” series dumplings; Chanel “hardcore” handle handbag ……

TOP1: Book evening bag

TOP2: Magazine handbags

TOP3: Chanel mini bag box

TOP4: Chanel perfume bottle handbag

TOP5: Alexander Mcqueen “De-Manta” series dumplings

TOP6: Chanelfendi outlet “hardcore” handle handbags

TOP7: LV mini hard shell evening bag

TOP8: PVC transparent handbag

TOP9: Christian Louboutin-Marquise rivet handbag

TOP10: Fendi Fur Handbag

TOP1: Book evening bag

Review: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Keywords: wisdom, art

Book evening bag with its highly fashionable styling comparable books favorite actress, the overall feel like a literary wise woman holding a book.

TOP2: Magazine handbags

Review: ★ ★ ★ ★

Keywords: funny, active

At first glance you would not lifted his hand is a hand bag, but a magazine, in fact, this is the popular magazine handbag fashion circles, and even magazine handbag lady Michelle Obama, like grasping in his hand how fashionable a single product ah.

TOP3: Chanel mini bag box

Review: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Keywords: elegant, refined

Chanel mini bag delicate box-dimensional fashion, pure color has let you brighten, plus fine-cut three-dimensional modeling, fashion steal the spotlight is entirely a single product. Japan VOGUE fashion editor ANNA there is good even love it.

TOP4: Chanel perfume bottle handbag

Review: ★ ★ ★ ★

Keywords: fashion, avant-garde

Chanel perfume bottle handbag, classic Chanel 5 号 perfume bottle in his hand, suddenly the fashion sense of pessimism, bright and transparent glass body, I believe that every woman should have a Chanel 5 numbers.

TOP5: Alexander Mcqueen “De-Manta” series dumplings

Review: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Keywords: fashion, avant-garde

There will always be in fashion circles make you love fashion items, Alexander Mcqueen “De-Manta” series “dumplings” is one of them, Gossip Girl Blake Lively is its number one fan, Beyonce is a plus multiple occasions, love it regard the “dumpling” in my hand …… Alexander Mcqueen “De-Manta” series clutch, “dumplings” by definition, because it is shaped like a traditional Chinese dumpling food, so everyone called “dumplings.”

Alexander Mcqueen “De-Manta” dumplings, various styles, materials with different indeed a weapon, both stylish and practical fashion a single product, whether it is classic or new styles are also worth starting, there is always a ” Dumplings “Do you like!

TOP6: Chanel “hardcore” handle handbags

Review: ★ ★ ★ ★

Keywords: luxury, fine

Chanel “hardcore” hand bag in his hand as if carrying the irons the same, but the bag body is exquisite luxury Chanel small sachet, a classic ribbed or bright beads.

TOP7: LV mini hard shell evening bag

Review: ★ ★ ★ ★

Keywords: Fun to play, exquisitely

Wallace is definitely a fan of this package, we can see a lot of occasions that she put on this little bag, Louis Vuttion mini evening bag, mini bag body has enough charm, cute, but not the essence of fashion and connotation self-evident.

TOP8: PVC transparent handbagceline outlet

Review: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Keywords: light, crisp

Transparent small hand bag always makes us feel very sexy, very light and very crisp.

TOP9: Christian Louboutin-Marquise rivet handbag

Review: ★ ★ ★ ★

Keywords: Dark, sexy, punk

Christian Louboutin-Marquise rivet handbag as delicate as the sexy red-soled shoes, and this dark atmosphere is very powerful, very suitable for punk style.

TOP10: Fendi Fur Handbag

Review: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Keywords: luxurious, elegant, noble

Luxurious fur suddenly gives elegant feeling, this handbag on a piece of material has been overwhelming.

Gucci,One of the world’s outstanding luxury boutique brand, excellent quality

Gucci, the Italian fashion brand, by Gucci, Leo Gucci was founded in 1921 in Florence. Gucci products include fashion, leather goods, shoes, watches, neckties, scarves, perfumes, household goods and pet supplies, Chinese translation Gucci, Gucci. Gucci has always been high-end fashion brands, luxury, sexy and famous, as “a symbol of status and wealth,” Brand become rich consumer darling of high society, the business community has always been favored, while yet elegant fashion. Gucci is now Italy’s largest fashion groups.

dior outlet – timeless, classic and popular stars of all ages, the brand is inspired by actors, such as the princess and socialite outstanding women. Today, its Creative Director: Frida Giannini, will this historic brand to new heights. Its products include: classic footwear, luxury handbags, jewelry, watches and so on fragrance.

Guccio Gucci, Gucci founder , was born in Florence in 1881 , served as a porter at the Savoy Hotel in London . 1921 Guccio Gucci returned to his home in Florence , opened a monopoly leather and harness shop , with the expansion of business, the new store at the opening of Rome’s famous Via Condotti , very popular.

Gucci Guccio Gucci founded the kingdom in the 1920s . He opened the first store in Florence , launched a series of iconic products , including the famous bamboo bag , GUCCI from renowned international fashion . Over time , this famous clothing store has been given a luxurious, sexy, modern quality. It is for the ultimate modern luxury . In 1970, the brand began to get involved in the fragrance industry . Since then, it introduced such as : Envy perfume, Eau de Toilette , men’s perfume , and later introduced Envy me2 perfume sexy,charismatic perfume.

celine outletlogo design just as its merchandise, luxury and elegance. Golden color and design forms to bring the feeling of impeccable demonstrated its corporate temperament, although such luxuries always make a lot of people stay away , but in the hearts of the people left a good impression. Gucci brand logo and a harmonious overall pattern beneath the logo design reflects the core of the whole , a good logo design can put a company onto a higher angle , and Gucci logo on the show on a higher level, a lot of people want to close level. Gorgeous design sense of the whole enterprise Gucci logo design even more glory in the design of many brands , but also adds its corporate momentum.

In 1939, Gucci ‘s four sons have joined , Gucci also transition from a career as a family business. In 1953 the first overseas branch in Manhattan opened 58th Avenue , Gucci also became an international brand . It is worth mentioning that , Gucci is the ancestor of today’s product brand , in order to protect the quality , Gucci brand name printed on their products, this is the first initiative in the world to see the history of fashion .

From its inception in 1921 , Gucci has been taking the aristocratic line, style luxury and slightly tough masculinity. 1947 Gucci bamboo handle bamboo bag come out, and then with the initials of the founder of the classic double- G logo, lined with ribbons of red and green canvas bag and related leather products have gradually come out , wearing Gucci has represented a social status and symbol. In 1953, Gucci ‘s brand reputation has been rising. This year, the Austrian Gucci Gucci died .

Areas now covered by Gucci handbags , perfume , wallets , jewelry and more. Popular entertainment , financial and other ladies favorite.

Psychic chanel jewelry: Consumers want to choose the middle of the pyramid

The movie ” Breakfast at Tiffany ” one opening morning New York’s Fifth Avenue , the street was empty.

Audrey Hepburn played Huo Li stood dressed in evening wear Tiffany jewelry store outside while eating packaged breakfast while browsing windows, dream of owning a Tiffany jewelry into high society . This scenario makes impressed .

Jewelry is a natural luxury, such as Chanel Tiffany , internationally renowned jewelers who are selling “dream” , a premium brand of the product several times or even more than a few times . However, most of the domestic jewelers who only do the “golden Porter” , not selling premium brand , but the weight , why not ?

Some experts predict that clothing and jewelry are the most likely to fight the Chinese two categories of luxury goods as jewelry brand , how to create an international brand image ? How to communicate with consumers deeper ? Interviewed Shen Dong Jun psychic jewelry president , ” China Business News blog , microblogging” reporter .

Jewelry is the emotional consumer spending

” China Business” : Lift jewelry , people first think of Cartier, Tiffany these international luxury big , these brands can sell high brand premium , but many domestic jewelery brands, only do precious metals, diamonds “Porter” , do you agree with this statement, as a natural luxury jewelry , how can we sell more brand premium ?

Shen Dong Jun : When the international jewelry brand in selling its premium brand , many domestic jewelers can only sell ” weight” , I think the fundamental reason is that the brand is not symbolic , no sentimental value , only functional , but also had by weight to sell. When jewelry , jewelry , diamonds have been given these products sentimental value , it is possible to achieve higher premium brand , because it can create value for consumers , and consumers will pay for this kind of value .

In fact , foreign jewelry brands have profound symbolic value , representing the Western civilization , a symbol of supremacy , top , conquer . We do jewelry , is to follow this symbolic value or to make their own value , the jeweler who need deep thinking .

” China Business” : 20 years ago, De Beers Group will introduce Chinese culture diamonds , diamonds represent the love has long been popular . Survey data from third parties showed that consumers buy diamonds line the city’s Chinese class jewelry has been upgraded from “marriage” consumption ” commemorative consumption” , repeat purchase rate has been increasing. Consumers tier cities , the ratio of buy diamonds is also greatly improved. When consumers have higher economic strength, might choose such international big Naomi , Cartier , and how you can improve consumers continued to buy psychic jewelry purchase rate ?

Shen Dong Jun : your point of view I do not entirely agree with , on the contrary , the beginning of the brand consumers do not know much , a lot of the time they bought a big international luxury conspicuous consumption , LOGO worship. But as consumers continue to mature, they will gradually give up these big LOGO, the brand and look forward to his emotional communication . Nowadays, many international luxury brands communicate with consumers is their LOGO or horses , leopards , butterflies and other designs image, lack of emotional communication between people, I think the more elementary .

Soon consumers will abandon this simple demands from conspicuous consumption to return to the values ​​of consumption, and in my judgment , than bags , clothing these categories , jewelry will go faster, because the jewelry is worn next to the skin daily contact , the price is more expensive , but also has its own quality . Another smaller jewelry unless big LOGO classic models or other models difficult to have a big LOGO, show off hard feelings at this time would be more easy to cut into it, but also meet the demands of the Chinese people ‘s emotional value .

” China Business” : In the major international luxury goods group ‘s earnings , we see , watches and jewelry are often merged into one department to calculate financial indicators . It is said that a man’s jewelry watch , obviously both are closely linked . The first half of 2013 , China Haidian Holdings acquired Swiss watch brand Corum , Beijing Watch Factory produced enamel table to some extent can be comparable with the Swiss appearances , Ge Wenyao to re QUICKER Seagull brand watches …… Does this mean that China watch to the collective force of the time ? And closely watches and jewelry , whether psychic intention to enter into this field ?

Shen Dong Jun : I agree with you that the Chinese watch the collective force of the moment , but there is no psychic clocks intend to do , and has no intention to cooperate with other brands , I think the outlook is not optimistic watches , like Samsung, Apple these after the launch of the brand’s smart watches , high-tech products are occupying the traditional watch market , in addition to the watch on the plane , ” at the time ” functionality gradually weaken , and become a man to show off tools. With many Swiss watch is its superb mechanical process , but many consumers are still the primary process understanding , but by the watch inlaid precious stones, precious metals achieve its purpose of showing off , fell into errors in . The future if the time is ripe , psychics do not rule through acquisitions into the industry .

” China Business”: It seems that the focus on short-term good psychic jewelry this category , you are judged on the watch market is not optimistic about the future , then the future of the jewelry market, how to judge it? What makes you focus on only the jewelry ?

Shen Dong Jun : Jewelry future market will be very good . First, as countries continue in the right direction , further enhancing social protection , the people to solve the basic problems of daily life, pension, health care and other post , there is more money to be spending, while jewelry is an index of consumer confidence . When they have enough to eat when it is impossible to buy jewelry .

Secondly, the Chinese people a good face , conspicuous consumption, many people, jewelry just to be able to bring them a decent image.

Third, China’s future may be used to adjust the gap between the death tax , which is levied on real estate and major subjects registered products , jewelery itself is anonymous , and compared with paintings and other collectibles, intervention threshold is relatively low , it is possible good tax avoidance .

Also more importantly, Chinese people their love for the children and grandchildren is generally considered the psychological , jewelry has become an emotional investment , the value of the investment and financial investment organic combination . In fact , a few years ago , the main subject of the impact of China’s real estate market , jewelry consumption has not been released, a second-tier cities of young consumers , a large amount of wealth for the investment in real estate , and now some people pay mortgage over, and real estate is no longer a tool of investment , and the release of a lot of wealth for jewelry consumption , so I judge the jewelry market in the future will be very fire.

Is to achieve the ultimate pop classics

” China Business” : You want to fight the psychic jewelry worth ” collection for the next generation ” of jewelry , there is a contradiction: the product must first meet the aesthetic needs of people present , but the trend is changing rapidly, fleeting for the next generation collection , your products must not only meet the current people’s aesthetic , but also to meet the next generation of aesthetic , between these two is how you balance ?

Shen Dong Jun : jewelry as a luxury , fashion is just one of the properties , we tend to lose sight of its most important attribute – emotion. Balance of beauty and time , I think it is not difficult. In the luxury goods industry , the brand is taking a class of popular fashion line, and the other is to go the classic route , such as Chanel 255 , for decades the color , style , production processes are the same, but consumers still buy it single . “Pop to the extreme ,” is a classic example then listen to Jackson , Teresa these people songs, pop music , but today has become a classic. Interaction between classical and popular , and I hope the jewelry can be made classical , asked me to design the designers of each type of jewelry to 10 years , a hundred years are tenable , especially those popular elements of exaggeration , not through spirit of jewelry choices.

” China Business” : clothing and jewelry in China two categories most likely to become a luxury , because it did not have time faults , but also has a deep Chinese cultural heritage. And like Bulgari , Cartier jewelry such international luxury brands in recent years, adding a lot in terms of design elements in China , do you think ” China ” is the current trend of luxury ? How do psychics and internationalization of Chinese expression ?

Shen Dong Jun : psychic jewelry current annual sales are more than 80% of diamond products , diamond itself is the West , and now there is no special emphasis in China . I think the different stages of development of each brand , marketing and promotion methods are different, like Bulgari , Cartier these brands have an international top brands , they can cause China to design more Chinese people through some of the elements attention. The psychic must communicate with the international image and expression with consumers, Chinese people see China’s own cultural symbols long been accustomed to , while adding an international element will feel fresh , like on Westerners in a home with pieces of China featuring ornaments make you eyes bright, but very common in Chinese people at home .

Every business has the resources , milestones , tasks , you can not simply see what other brands do , they would simply imitate.

Cartier, Tiffany these top brands and psychics do not buy into direct competition , they have the background that are not psychic , psychic is a joint venture with the Belgian brand , what we need is the Belgian diamond culture and elements to good use , Berlin Film Festival sponsors to establish contact with international stars , through these means , and those elements of traditional Chinese culture to make a difference in the use of a very good brand , make psychic characteristics.

Top jewelry brands have a pyramid spire customers, while many domestic jewelery brands trapping the consumer pyramid tower , I hope good psychic can pyramid in the middle part of the consumer services, this part of the market is large .

” China Business”: China ‘s market is indeed great, but do any of the products , or do pyramid spire , or do the mass market , few people will be positioning their products as the middle part , ” underachievement ” , as you say, psychic just chose the middle of this part of the market , you are judged based on what ?

Shen Dong Jun : the first is based on the judgment of the consumer upgrade market , China is now a large part of consumers fell into the gold and jewelery products considered similar errors in the second and third tier cities and the vast rural market , to buy a large demand for gold both buy gold bullion buy gold jewelry . I believe that with the continuous development of urbanization in China , more and more consumers buy into the buying gold jewelry , which is psychic market opportunities. Consumers bought by the buying of gold into jewelry, demands more than just preservation and appreciation, but also increased the emotional factors, to leave something for their children and grandchildren , and the emotion is more precious than possessions, more worthy collection for the next generation .

Secondly , most domestic goods in rapid depreciation , relatively increasing the value of the jewelry has a certain role , I believe that more people will increase spending in this area.

Boss Cheats

No sentimental value of jewelry sold by weight only

When there is no symbolic jewelry brand , no sentimental value , only functional , but also had to sell by weight . When jewelry , jewelry , diamonds have been given these products sentimental value , it is possible to achieve higher premium brand , because it can create value for consumers , and consumers will pay for this kind of value .

Jewelry future market will be very good

A few years ago , the main subject of the impact of China’s real estate market , jewelry consumption has not been released, a second-tier cities of young consumers , a large amount of wealth for the investment in real estate , and now some people pay over the mortgage and real estate also is no longer a tool of investment , and the release of a lot of wealth for jewelry consumption , so I judge the jewelry market in the future will be very fire.

” Pop achieve the ultimate ” is a classic

Then listen to Jackson , Teresa these people songs, pop music , but today has become a classic among classic and popular interactive.

Consumption upgrade, buy gold buy jewelry becomes

Consumers bought by the buying of gold into jewelry, demands more than just preservation and appreciation, but also increased the emotional factors, to leave something for their children and grandchildren , and the emotion is more precious than physical .

Boss Introduction

Shen Dong Jun psychic jewelry brand founded in 1997. 2006 that ” for the next generation treasure ” philosophy, the same year accepted EDT (EurostarDiamonTraders- Belgian diamond cutting traders ) investment. 2014 with the acquisition of the French personal name LELONLOCK winery.

Shen Dong Jun graduated from Nanjing University , Nanjing University post-doctoral , PhD in Business Administration from University of Macau , Hong Kong University of Science and Technology EMBA. Psychic jewelry incumbent president , France Le Chateau suzerain Lang , vice president of the China Jewelry Association , Tianjin TV ” belong to you ” BOSS group members. October 31, 2013 , Antwerp, Belgium, the provincial government awarded its ” quality cut diamonds in Belgium China to promote the first person ,” the title , this is the first time this honor granted to a foreigner than the official .

Chanel bag is the best Christmas gift for his girlfriend


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Chanel 2.55 bag was in Venice for the charming Italian city’s 69th Annual Film Festival, and, of course, she had her billionaire husband Francois Henri Pinault and adorable daughter Valentina in tow. The globe trotting, oft photographed trio looked as fabulous as ever, and really seemed to be enjoying the sights, parties, and films. As per usual, Chanel was wearing a healthy dose of Chanel. Do you recognize the Chanel replica bag in this picture? It’s one of the most highly sought after Chanel replica bags of the season, so if you don’t know about this model yet, you’re going to want to click through to find out.

Fashion Chanel Handbags Forward Style

Known for effortlessly combining fashion-forward style and smart function, the Chanel Handbags line of purses, wallets and more adds an eye-catching twist to your everyday look with fun prints and bold colors. To share our love for this one-of-a-kind collection, we’re giving away the Continental carryall and the Promenade pocketbook! Featuring eco-friendly vegan faux leather trim and Chanel’s fresh yet classic Black Lotus print, these canvas accessories help keep you organized with plenty of pockets for storing on-the-go essentials. If you’re dying for these fall must-haves (we certainly are!), be sure to check out the details for entering below!

Chanel Handbags has a knack for channeling beautiful eclectic patterns and incorporating them into modern silhouettes. The Transatlantic tote’s exciting yellow laser-cut floral pattern pops against the purse’s rich sepia leather. A worldly pewter gray and white swirl pattern gives a fresh look to the Soho satchel’s rectangular mod shape. And of course, both of these eye-catching designs are chock full of Chanel’s signature: loads of functional storage. To put it simply, we can’t get enough of Chanel Handbags! Each product in this amazing collection offers its own unique look to show off your signature style. Shop the entire line here and get free shipping on all orders over $75!

Chanel’s beautiful obsidian leather captures our attention in the Westwood zipper wallet and the Heathrow holdall. Textured laser-cut circles give the wallet a free-spirited look, while contrasting slate blue and crimson red embroidery offers the holdall an elegant accent. (And with its interior cell phone pocket, zippered pocket and two side compartments, the Heathrow really does hold all!) Well-suited for work or play, the Soho satchel wows us with its stunning brown, tan, white and yellow citron floral pattern. Offering more than sophisticated style, this functional tote features an adjustable shoulder strap and two handles for versatile carrying options.